10 Craziest stunts in movies performed by the human

Stunts are the foremost reason people, especially children, go to theatres to watch action movies. Stunts bring a sense of adventure and an internal joy, which fascinate the viewers. It depicts the craziness and the courage of the artist who, with such risky stunts, put their life at stake for the people’s entertainment.

Let’s have a look at the top ten craziest stunts performed by actors in a movie that was real:

  1. The Bungee Jump from Goldeneye

The Bungee Jump from a 220-meter Swiss dam at the beginning of the James Bond movie Goldeneye is considered one of the greatest stunts of all time. It registered a name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest and longest bungee jump from a solid structure. It was performed by the audacious British stuntman Wayne Michaels. The stunt took more than three months to design, engaged twelve engineers and nearly a hundred permits. It is more fascinating to hear that this life-threatening stunt was captured just in a single take.

  1. Philippe Petit’s Tightrope Walk

The extraordinary feat of walking on a wire between the 541-meter tall Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre by French tightrope walker Philippe Petit in 1974 left a legacy of courage to all the other bold stuntmen. These stunts in movies depict the craziness and audacity of human beings. This stunt was brilliantly presented in a movie called ‘The Walk’ starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and the documentary named ‘Man on Wire.’ This event, in reality, got so much hyped because it was being performed in New York. Though Phillipe’s courage to walk on such a height is highly commendable, it was surely illegal. He was immediately arrested after his walk, but the charges were, later on, dropped on him.

  1. Harry Houdini’s Chinese Water Torture Stunt

The greatest and the most audacious stuntmen, magician, and actor of all time, Harry Houdini, can never be leftover when it is the domain of stunts in movies. Harry is one of the greatest movie, stunts actor Hollywood has ever seen. In the Chinese Water Torture Cell, Harry placed his head upside down in a huge, filled tank full of water with his legs shackled with chains. But he eventually managed to get out of the tank without spilling a single drop of water.

  1. Dave “The Bullet” Smith Jr. – Human Cannonball

The human cannonball Dave Smith earns a place when writing the biggest movie, stunts. Dave Smith is one of the greatest movie stunts actors of all time. He holds the world record for the longest cannonball ever shot, which was more than 200 feet. Moreover, he has more than 5000 cannon shots attached with his name. He shot himself through a cannonball in the air and land on an air mattress. All the movie stunts he performs are real.

  1. Alain Robert – Skyscraper Climber

This French stuntman is famous by the name ‘Spiderman’ due to his affinity to scale tall skyscrapers. The interesting fact is that he climbs the buildings illegally without safety measures, just like he is walking on the ground. Alain Robert has climbed some of the remarkable monuments are the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, The Taipei 101 building in Taiwan, and many more.

  1. Jackie Chan’s Rotterdam Slide

The legendary actor Jackie Chan has performed some of the biggest movie stunts of all time. He performs all the stunts in his movies by himself. One of the most famous stunts of Jackie Chan includes his free-fall slide down the face of the Willemswerf Building in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The key thing is that he slid down 21 floors of a slanted glass building with numerous facial expressions and reached the ground without any injury. It is considered one of the most commendable stunts performed by him.

  1. Omar Locklear’s Wing Walks

American daredevil Omar Locklear has performed some of the greatest movie aircraft stunts in Hollywood. Initially, he used to fly airplanes in World War I set movies. Afterward, he got noticed by the directors when he walked out of the cockpit of an airplane, walk on the wings and repair some part in the air. It was the beginning of his stardom when he would perform his wing walks in the air in movies. But unfortunately, he died in 1920 while performing a wing walk. His plane got fire and got crashed, which stole away his life.

  1. Gary Connery – Wingsuit Jumper

Wingsuit Jumping is a sport where people dive off hills and fly through the air in a winged suit. The credit for the popularity of this sport goes to audacious wingsuit jumper Gary Connery. He has executed some great movie aircraft stunts that were real. He holds the World Record for diving off 2400 feet with a wingsuit and landed into a landed strip assembled out of more than 18000 cardboard boxes.

  1. Fred Rompelberg – 167 Mile Per Hour Bike Ride

Most bicyclists reach a maximum speed of 10 Kmph, which is considered a good speed. But Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg achieved an immeasurable speed of 238 Kmph with a bicycle on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, a world record. The interesting fact is that he did not crash and performed this stunt at the age of 50.

  1. Evel Knievel’s Canyon Jump

The list is topped by American-German stuntmen Evel Knievel who is considered the greatest movie stunt actor. He was riding his bike over Snake River Canyon, but he failed to carry out the feat and fell on a canyon floor. He still got an ‘A’ for his attempt.

He holds the world record for most broken bones in a lifetime. To the time he retired, he had 433 broken bones in the body.


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