10 great actors who guarantee the movie quality

The knowledge of if actors influence the movie quality is linear.

The entertainment industry generates the biggest revenue, and box office hits are a reason for this. And the box office hit takes place because of the great storyline and performing actors.

Indeed, movie quality is highly influenced by its artists. It’s likely that when our favorite stars are appearing on screen, we tend to purchase tickets and watch it in the hall.

  • Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey is one of the popular actors known as Tony Stark and Iron man. The little kids, the youth, the married, and the old; many of them might not know who Robert is, but they surely know Tony stark and the hero behind it.

He has given us the best acting portrayals of good movie quality that often lead us to bewilderment if it’s an actual behind the screen or real-life action. None of the films he is a part of is denied with a box office hit. His highest-grossing movie until now is The avengers.

As for now, his sheer dedication has made him one of the highest and best actors today around the globe.

  • Samuel L. Jackson

Having the soil of Hollywood since 1972, this legends actor’s actual hip had managed to exemplify only until his big contribution in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction in which he was given the role of Jules Winnfield.

For his effortless appearing acting attributes, he was approached for the role of Nick Fury that got him the highest-grossing movie from the best action movie stars- avengers.

  • Gary Oldman

The attainment as one of the best actors today in the movie industry came along favorably to Gary Oldman soon after he caught the plight of a charismatic villain.

The actor has got a couple of movies such as True Romance, The contender that depicted him as a bad guy but in a cool version. And none of his legends actor movies flopped.

Only when we thought he garnered his fans’ audience from the bad side and that the positive roles wouldn’t be so suitable, the actor flipped the assumptions with the release of The Dark Knight.

Here, in the good movie quality, he was offered the role of James Gordon, the police commissioner, the acting of which was incredibly good that led in bringing a huge box office hit and eventually the highest-grossing movie of Gary Oldman.

  • Harrison Ford

An action star of a brand himself is Harrison Ford, who enhances the movie quality. He’s an unbeatable man but has left other great superstars on his back.

Born on the 13th of July, 1942, Ford is a pilot and an environmental activist who has a gross domestic office of around $ 5.1 billion, out of which The Dark Knight is the legends actor movie to cater to the highest piece.

  • Johnny Depp

The first step of Johnny Deep in being one of the most popular actors in the movie industry, including the fans, was being a young heartthrob.

With no fear of handling risks and not emphasizing any negative outcome that the future holds, the captain’s role in the Pirates of the Caribbean would not have been played better than anyone else. Eventually, the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man’s Chest became the highest-grossing movie of Depp with the best acting performances of all time.

  • Morgan Freeman

From the evaluation of the best documentary films for the seekers to playing the parts flawlessly, Morgan Freeman truly is a king of all the best actors today.

Morgan had perhaps begun his career with a debut that takes us to a long road history.

In the meantime, you will learn how great his movies, direction, and narration were. Those were mindblowing in a particular era, and your best example of this would be Driving miss daisy (1989) and seven (1995).

But when regarding the actual credit to movie quality and the highest-grossing movie of Morgan is The Dark Knight, by Christopher Nolan.

  • Tom Cruise

Despite having so many unpleasing controversies from the grounds of religion, Tom Cruise gives a good box office collection, and he is not so delicate to have the fact neglected; he’s strong.

From the 1980s itself, the best movie quality actor is dedicated to giving out some of the best movies that make the list of favorites. The Mission impossible, Top gun, Edge of Tomorrow has had a good time with Tom cruise. But out of all, the highest-grossing movie in the limelight of Tom Cruise is War of the Worlds.

  • Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is one of the most popular actors for comedy delivery in any movie, is known to have compulsorily submitted movies with great box office revenue.

However, in the recent phase, Eddie’s movies seem not to have come up for a while now until the 2020 movie- Coming 2 America.

His movies that remain to be iconic are Beverly Hills Cop and The Shrek.

And the movie that has channelized the highest-grossing movie is Shrek 2.

  • Michael Caine

Michael Caine is one of the famous old actors in the movie industry with his acting commencement taking us to the year 1950, perhaps amounting to the overall decades of his presence to 7.

Young, middle-aged, or old grandpa, every experience has made Michael a dominating old movie star today.

Although experience and contribution is a long stretched attribute, the highest-grossing movie of his is one of the latest movies he played with the best acting performances of all time- The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Tom Hanks

The ladder to one of the old movie stars’ career began as a comedy actor in the 1980s. It wasn’t considered a capable actor until his talent flourished in the movie Forrest Gump and Philadelphia.

Tom’s most special performance was the one he gave in Toy Story 3 and is also his highest-grossing movie.

Most of the famous old actors’ movies that followed were a tragic domain, and for his flawless depiction, he captured his constant fans.


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