How the Oscars’ new Diversity and Inclusion rules would affect the movie industry

Change is the eternal law of nature—everything changes with time. So, does Oscar’s awards rules for the selection of outstanding work. The diversity and inclusion rules are brought in the persisting rules to make it more impactful and good. The movie industry is continuously changing. Every day new talent and new technology come up that enhance the whole process of film-making.

Oscars or academy awards are the most prestigious awards in the world. In simple words, it is an honor to get an Oscar award. It is associated with the movie industry, including music, direction, actor, actresses, etc. For several decades, Oscar awards are being organized to give the awards to all the entertainment industry’s magnificent work. To alleviate the improvements in the film industry, Oscar changes its rules and inclusions. Diversity and inclusion rules are brought up in the rulebook of Oscar wards for better selections.

All Oscar changes are made up of the high power authority of the honorary award. In recent days, the academy awards change its rules for the selection of great work. They have made an impactful move to try something unique on the rulebook of Oscar awards.

The following section of the article presents the new diversity and inclusion rules that make a significant impact on the Oscar awards.

What happened and when the changes would be applied

As mentioned earlier in the article, all Oscar changes are done to balance out the movie industry’s modifications. A new set of the diversified rule is imposed on the movies for the selection of magnificent work.  All movies have to align themselves according to the new protocol for the perfect selection.  If a movie wants to qualify the selection rounds, then it is mandatory to sustain all rules in the first place.

The new rules are part of the academy aperture 2025 initiative.  All-new rules would be enforced in the movie industry in 2024. As per the latest announcement, if the picture does not meet any two of the metrics set by the academy then, it would not be considered for nominations also. Academy award changes all criteria for it and reformed new rules.

The new protocol has the following standards that are used for the selection process:

  1. The on-screen representation: themes and narratives of the films
  2. The creative team and leadership with the project team
  3. Industry access and opportunities
  4. Audience development towards the movie

A certain criterion is set for each standard mentioned above. Every movie should follow these criteria for contesting in Oscar awards.  The very first standard deals with the inclusions as it is closely associated with the movie itself.  This includes race identity, supporting characters, casts, etc. Academy awards change the rules to solve diversity problems.

The following standards are followed behind the first standard. Each standard criterion is made distinct from each other in all the terms.

The second criterion deals with the creative aspect of the movie. What is the theme of the movie? What creativity it has? These questions have to be answered under this standard. The creative team is well studied in the movies, and then further qualification process happens.

The third standard measures the industry accessibility of the concerned movie. It includes all types of industry-related forms like financial distributions and marketing etc.

The fourth standard is more important.  Movies are made for the public or audience. A great movie should have perfect audience engagement to qualify for the next rounds of Oscar selections.

How the industry would change after the changes

The new rules are formulated to put an end to all diversity problems prevailing in the movie industry.  Yet, the new rules won’t end all problems of diversity, but the change will make a considerable impact. According to the experts, this move by the academy awards is very impressive and would positively impact the upcoming movies.

Further, the new rules would pressure big movie studios to get more inclusions in their studio films. This would conversely result in greater inclusions in the movie industry.

A wave of different views has hit the movie industry after the announcement of new Oscar rules. It is said that the new protocols will have an irrevocable effect on the movies. It would make the movies more diversified and with more inclusions. After the Oscar changes application, all big film industries have to take concrete steps to tackle their diversity and inclusion issues.

What the movie stars think about it

A new debate has been set up in the movie industry about the latest academy protocols. Oscar’s changes have led to a debate in Hollywood. Some call it a pubic stunt, while others called it a good move from the academy authority. Every film industry is affected by the new rules directly or indirectly.

Renowned actress Kristie Alley called the new rules “dictatorial” in her tweet. She emphasized on the dictatorship part of the rules. The actress is a little upset about the new rule of Oscars. Going in the same boat, actor James wood called this rule “ academy’s madness.” He curtly condemned the rules of the academy. In his views, nothing is going to change. The movie industry will remain as it is before and after.  Meanwhile, all movie experts and critics have supported the announcement of the new rules. They said it is one of the best moves from the academy’s side.

Most of Hollywood stars agree with the academy norms with no issues. They have supported the idea with open arms. Moreover, they have added to their praise that, “the move will surely impact the movie industry in a good direction. We will have a varied set of characters that would meet the goal of the movie as well as Oscar’s new rules.” Further, they added that the industry was very far from this reality, but it would get closer to new norms.


Altogether, the new modulation of norms by the academy will impact the movie industry in all ways. The wave of change has been formulated well by the authority members. However, some Hollywood stars are opposing the norms. But a large number of Hollywood people are happy with the new rules. The audience is also delighted with the Oscar changes. They are looking forward to observing the Oscar changes surface in reality in 2024.


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