Top 7 movies that Driven People to Murder

People like thrill in their lives and most people derive this form of thrill and adventure from the movies they watch. Countless thriller movies exist, essentially murder movies, and they are so suspenseful and intriguing that people love watching such stuff. There has always been a conflict amongst sects of people, where one sect says that such movies do not have a psychological effect on the viewers’ lives; however, the second set of people believe that such movies can Drive people to murder. Although it is not a pretty picture to be painted where art is connected to heinousness, there are Movies to provoke crime, which one cannot ignore.

The murder movies driving people to murder

Following are some movies that have driven people to commit crimes like murders.

  1. Scream

This film, released in 1996, has been a part of numerous speculative controversies because it has led many people to commit crimes. It is one of those murder movies which people try to copy. There have been cases of murder and attempted murder wherein the murderers have copied the crime style as adopted in the film. They would call up the victim before they went over to kill them. Many murderers have stabbed their victims more than 17 times in a fit of rage, and this brutality has been shown in the movie. It is said that this film has influenced many murders and associated crimes, which have thrown a bad light on the whole production.

  1. The Birth of a Nation

This is one of the gruesome murder movies that portray the American civil war. Wars are never easy, and the harsh cruelties of the war-life can be traumatic for not just the soldiers but also for many people who have lost a lot. It depicts the hatred that existed between the Africans and the Americans. This film instigated many people as riots broke out in many parts of America because it triggered people who have faced racism for the longest times in their lives. The director Griffith was blamed for producing such a film. Many people lost their lives in the riots. Wars are terrible, and the mental wound it leaves behind takes decades to heal.

  1. Natural Born Killers

It falls in the list of murder movies directed by Oliver Stone. The movie depicts a couple who share a toxic relationship, but they are the best assassins when it comes to committing crimes and killing people. They become celebrities in the movie because they have been part of high-profile murders committed during the movie. This movie has been blamed for instigating numerous murders and attempted murders. It is even said that this movie sort of glorified the idea of murder, living a life devoid of guilt and popularity. The massacre in Columbia, where so many people lost their lives, has been accounted that it was started because of the aftermath of the movie.

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

This 1984 movie was of the thriller genre and became an instant hit. It is still one of today’s famous murder movies, even though it has been a part of many controversies. This is one of the Movies to provoke crime because it creates the space for psychotics in an already troubled society. A man named Wes Craven was one of the biggest reasons this movie became a classic example of a bad influence on society. This man, who went on a killing spree and left four people dead, gave a testimony where he said he wanted to become as popular as the movie’s protagonist and called him his idol. Few months after that testimony, he was diagnosed clinically with a form of severe Schizophrenia.

  1. Taxi Driver

This 1976 movie was directed by the famous director Scorsese. This movie got attached to a high-profile murder or an attempt for an assassination. John Hinkley Jr. of the United States of America got motivated and inspired to kill Ronald Regan because he felt like that was his calling, and it would be the right thing to do. This is one of the murder movies that is also tinged with an angle of passion. This man felt that if ever he killed Ronald Reagan, he would sway Jodie Foster. He was clinically diagnosed and was pronounced to be insane. Being caught with such a heinous crime, he was arrested, and many offenses were charged against him.

  1. Oldboy

It is a Korean movie released in 2003 of the genre thriller and mystery. One of the murder movies pushed people to the edge of their seats because it was so intense, both the plot and the action sequences. Chan-Wook directed it, and it has been critically acclaimed. This movie got attached to the 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre, where a student went on a shooting spree in the university and killed almost 32 students and injured 17 others. It was a horrific incident that left people nauseated and emotionally scarred. Upon investigating the student, it was found that before committing the crime, he watched this movie repeatedly.

  1. The Deer Hunter

This movie is a war-drama, and being such a movie, it is bound to have an emotional impact on the people.  Such movies touch the sentiments of the people in a million ways. This is one of the murder movies that portrayed the hatred of the Vietnam war. It was released in 1978. The Russian Roulette caused the deaths that happened here. After the movie was released, many deaths occurred in the same pattern.


As much as murder movies can be fun, they should be viewed with discretion. Young people who have minds that are gullible and can be influenced should not watch these movies to drive people to murder. Therefore, enjoy the movies, but do not control a vital part of you and your emotions because reality is far from different.


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