10 Movies Like Seven That We Could Recommend To Watch

David Fincher directorial, Seven was a movie way ahead of its time and created a lasting impact on the audience with its finesse and command over the story. This a movie where visual arts meet literature and create magic on screen. Few movies like seven are sheer cinematic bliss and fall under a genre which one can’t explore enough.

10 Movies Like Seven To Watch

  1. GONE GIRL (10TH October 2014)

We have to start with the famous Gone Girl. The commonality is much more than just similar directors but also in its arrestive characteristic. Nick Dunne files a complaint about his wife missing. Well, movies like seven are dark and twisted and keep you at the edge of the seat even after watching it for a few times. This movie translates deceit, revenge and conditional love, and obsession.


This happens to be a Denis Villeneuve directorial and similar to movies like seven talks about the breaking out of the common man due to disruptive system. The suspense characterized in the movie because of the daughter’s quest by a determined father and an efficient detective gives life to the movie yet has an ominous undertone in the background with every character being suspicious.


Primal Fear, originally based on a novel dealing with the complexities of human character, is inherently experience-oriented, just like Morgan Freeman’s character from Seven. Slow yet extremely smart and proficient. Complexities and mysteries add to the shading of movies like seven and Primal Fear where a teenager is charged for archbishop’s murder. The presence of 3-dimensional characters and the human mind’s constant stimulation makes it so intensely complicated, more inclined towards Seven as a movie.


The concept of ‘seeing dead people’ existed way before then The Sixth Sense but this game of intuition has a temptation. This movie is a perfect example of mind-bending facts and through a little boy acts as a mediator between the spirits. The psychological horror movie is equipped to provide you with some unexpected turns and falls under the same categories as movies like seven.

  1. OLDBOY (21ST NOVEMBER,2003)

This movie is undeniably a Korean masterpiece and other than the vengeful aspect; it also adds an individual bit of vulnerability in the movie. It transcends down to some of the deeper aspects of humanity. This was precisely done in Seven where it spoke about the seven deadly sins mentioned in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. These movies, like seven, has a greater narrative behind every possible action shown in the movie.


Drawing parallels in terms of a plot can be quite tricky and so will be to find similarities. Yet somehow Shutter Island is very similar to Seven in terms of genre and communication of the idea. This movie makes one question their reality, even more, while watching the film and the bad feeling through every narrow-framed shot prevails. The asylum shown in the movie can be an indirect symbolism of societal impositions. In contrast, movies like seven deals with societal conditioning but both of these have a hazardous fate.


Patrick Bateman, the character shall always be etched because of the extreme brutality portrayed through that character. The genre of the psychological thriller is endless when explored. It is a place to run one’s imagination to run wild and let their alter ego take over.  Mostly, movies like seven were the initial markers of this territory, and subsequently, a lot has happened ever since. The anger and bitterness towards others can be drawn along the same lines of Seven, and also the ease with these murders sets these movies apart.

  1. SUMMER OF SAM (2ND JULY,1999)

This movie produced one of the worst mass murderers and created a phobia among people as there was a legitimate fear of the brutality portrayed in the movie. This movie catalyses this fear, and the plot attests to that. The different context of historical evidence along with the brutality and fear makes it alike Seven. The movies like seven leave a lasting impact that either evokes fear or pity, which again has a historical context of its own based on the ideal tragedies.


The movie is a psychological crime thriller, given it’s a David Fincher directorial. And yet again this deals with the activities of a serial killer and finally explores some un-envisaged ways through the criminal’s mind.

This movie and being a mystery also taps onto a few deep undertones and themes that Fincher wanted to communicate through. Some of the most important themes were

  • Violence against women in modern society
  • The inaccuracy of appearances
  • Corruption of Sweden
  • Violence

In movies like seven or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, violence acts as a channel to keep the audience interested while delving deep into the actual issues.

  1. HOT FUZZ (14TH FEBRUARY,2007)

If Seven was a comedy set in a sleepy village in the north of England, it would look something like Edgar Wright’s hot fuzz. Like Hot FuzzHot Fuzz is a buddy cop story about the hunt for a serial killer committing one gruesome crime after another, always staying one step ahead of the police. As always, Pegg and Frost have terrific on-screen chemistry as well as having thrilling action sequences, jump scares, and laughing, the mystery plot is genuinely engaging.


These are the few movies like seven from different aspects yet provide one with a similar picture when thinking of Seven as a movie. These movies are distinct yet have similarly creative and social objectivity that needs to be communicated.


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